Dhaka is not only the largest city of Bangladesh, but the capital city of the country as well. It is more than 400 years old city. And of course one of the major tourist attraction of Bangladesh.

About Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh:

It is one of the most populated metropolitan cities of the world with 17 million people. It is situated along the east bank of river Buriganga – the heart of Bengal delta. Diverse religious and ethnic community made the country more attractive and gorgeous. Dhaka is also the largest Bengali speaking city and one of the major cities among OIC states and in South Asia.

Weather of Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh:

Hot, wet and humidity is the main characteristics of the weather of Dhaka. The city has a specific monsoonal weather. The average rainfall in the capital city is from 19 °c 26 °c. About 90% of average rainfall occurs from May to October.

Main attractions of Dhaka city:

There are many attractive and beautiful sites in Dhaka city that can make your Dhaka visit more exciting and memorable. Some of them are described below-

Parks and recreation in Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh:

In mega city Dhaka, there are many parks and recreation center where you can enjoy natural beauty of the city. On the other hand, other recreation center will give you the taste of modern city life of Dhaka.

Gulshan Park:

Gulshan Park is situated 5 minutes walking distance from Gulshan circle 2 towards north direction. The park remains open from 8 am to 9 pm for the visitors and the entry is free for all. Gulshan Park fulfills the need of nearby people who want to go to walking or jogging mainly in the morning.

Ramna Park:

Ramna Park is one of the largest parks in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It is situated at the heart of Dhaka city. The park started its journey during Mughal era by Subehdar Islam Khan under Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Today, the park has many beautiful and modern facilities for relaxation. Now a day, the park is maintained by PWD.

Things to do in Dhaka:

Since Dhaka is not only the capital city but also a metropolitan city, you can do lots of things 24/7 to make your Dhaka tour one of the most memorable tour of your life.

Many places in Dhaka you can rent a boat on hourly basis and enjoy boat riding to explore a new era of your tour in Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh.


In recent years, many beautiful and modern shopping malls has been built in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Moreover, these shopping malls are also gorgeous from the architectural point of view. On the other hand, the traditional shopping malls are also there traditional feelings of shopping from Dhaka.

Jamuna Future Park:

Jamuna Future Park is the largest shopping mall in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The shopping was built by Jamuna Builders, a subsidiary of Jamuna group. The future park is located near Gulshan and Baridhara.

Bashundhara Shopping Complex:

The second largest shopping mall of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is Bashundhara Shopping Complex. It is located in Panthapath, near Karwan Bazar. It has a gym, multiplex movie theater, top floor food court, ice skating ring and theme park. And of course, the entire shopping mall is fully air conditioned.

Festivals of Dhaka:

Dhaka has a vibrant cultural life since it is the most populous and capital city of Bangladesh. There are some annual celebrations that are enjoyed throughout the city. They are – National Martyrs’ and International Mother Language Day (February 21st), Independence Day (March 26th) and Victory Day (December 16th). The two other day that are also celebrated is – Pohela Boishakh (April 14th) and birthday and death anniversary of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Beside the cultural celebrations, there are some religious festivals as well. Some of them are – Eid Ul Fitre and Eid Ul Azha of Muslims, Durga Puja for Hindu, Bouddho Purnima for Buddhist and Chrismas for Christians.


Dhaka cuisine, shaped by diverse history and riverine geography of Bangladesh, is dominated by Bengali cuisine. Rice, served by a wide range of curries, is the staple food of the capital city. Potato, egg, variety of herbs and spices with oil and ghee are the main ingredients of cooking in Dhaka. After rice, Dal is the second staple food in Dhaka. Fish is another item that plays a vital role in the food industry of the metropolitan city Dhaka. Different types of bhorta, bhaji, meat, vegetables and herbs are the main item of everyday food menu. On the other hand, polau, biriyani, khichuri are served on special day. Some prominent desserts include – firni, payesh, chomchom, roshogolla, jilapi and so on.

Getting around Dhaka:

In recent years, the infrastructure of the metropolitan city has increased rapidly. As a result, there are different modes of transport systems in land, water and air available in Dhaka to fulfill your travelling purpose. For example- bus, cab, CNG auto rickshaw, rickshaw and private car.

Ground transport:

The total transport system of Dhaka is mainly ground based. There are some routs for bus and each single area of Dhaka city has bus stop for some fixed routes. You can rent a cab or car but both of them are little bit expensive. If your destination is nearby, then rickshaw or walking is the best choice depend on the distance between your starting point and point to be reached.


There are two railway stations in Dhaka city. One is Komolapur railway station and the other one is Airport railway station. If you are travelling out of Dhaka, railway is the best option for you.


Journey by waterways are the best option if you are going to Narayangonj, Munshigonj or southern part of Bangladesh from Dhaka. You can start your waterway journey from Shadarghat terminal.

Stay in Dhaka:

There are many hotels and resorts in Dhaka to welcome and make your Dhaka stay more memorable. Some of them chain, some not chain but international standard while the others are local.